2 comments on “’12 Monkeys’ Review – S1 Ep.5 (The Night Room)

  1. I actually don’t think that Cole’s corpse is the source of the plague because it is destroyed now and the future is still doomed. That being said, scientists still did examinate this corpse so it was probably “infected”. Cole and all others survivors are actually immune to the disease (that’s why they survived) but still carrying it inside.
    Since the future is still like that, I think the Army of the 12 Monkeys found another way to create this disease. Maybe another person from the future? The Witness?
    As for the future timeline being modified I think it’s related to the capture of the girl by the Monkeys.
    Being kept she might not being able to make the message that made the scientists willing to send Cole to the past. They might have choose someone else, and then Cole not being here couldn’t have prevent the West VII to take the facility.
    I might be totally wrong, interesting show !

    • Totally agree with you on the Railly capture theory. Makes perfect sense. But in terms of the corpse. I believe it was a future version of Cole, meaning that because the Cole currently travelling through time is still alive, he will eventually become that corpse. Which explains why the future (or present) is still a mess.

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