One comment on “‘Gotham’ Review – S1 Ep.16 (The Blind Fortune Teller)

  1. I totally agree with many things you’ve cited, especially giving screen time for something much more character oriented and driven for Ben McKenzie by having some personal screen time for Gordon with the story that showcases the burgeoning dynamic between Gordon and Dr. Thompkins. The actors are great together and leaps and bounds ahead of the way anything Barbara would drag down any scene. It was really detracting from any kind of personal investment in Gordon, which should have been a priority and easy because Ben McKenzie makes characters so likable and easy to root for, but he was trapped in a thankless one-dimensional role and then saddled with Barbara. This is a very welcome departure and at least a step in the right direction. What a difference a little improvement and focus makes, so something more substantial would really rock!

    As for the randomness and questionable priorities and dedicated time to the crowded cast of characters, shout outs to “remind” us of who exists and some of the Fish derailments, they all seem to take away from what could be very powerful stories and character arcs. However, I have to agree, a much stronger showing and on the right track with fine moments.

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