4 comments on ““Welcome to Earth-2” – Every Reference and Cameo in ‘The Flash’

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  2. Seeing as everything on Earth-2 seems to be a blend of what looks like 1940’s style and tech and present day style and tech I don’t see Kara being part of that world has her show is not like that. Also it’s delusional to think that CBS would allow a full season of Supergirl teaming up with Flash and Green Arrow. They only allowed the crossover that’s happening now for the ratings boost which is why it’s happening on their network and not The CW but they won’t be making a habit of it. And no amount of prayer will make the leaguers appear on the show, at least not the main hitters, while the movie universe is underway which is why we only get Superman in shadow on Supergirl.

    • The prayer thing was more of a hopeless fan dream, not literal speculation. As for the ratings boost, Supergirl is absolutely demolishing any other comic book program on the air right now bringing in The Flash will hardly do anything to boost the numbers. If that was the case they should have done or on the CW. But yes, the idea of them doing a complete season of crossover is a bit unrealistic. You have to admit it would be awesome though

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