It has been over a year since I started this blog and things have been going better than I had hoped. Without any true means of marketing readership has been on the rise day after day. With my renewed dedication to the cause I am sure we can continue to grow well into the future. Thank you to all who have read, liked or commented on anything I have posted, the attention is greatly appreciated.

There are a number of new things I plan on implementing to help the site grow in the coming weeks and am excited to see how they turn out. So look forward to that! In any case, Thanks again for checking in and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Before I get into the details of what this site will be about let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Josh and I reside in the little town of Toronto, Ontario. I just recently graduated from university with an honors English degree and am eagerly looking for work in any related field (or hoping to become rich and famous via this site before that happens). Whether that be journalism of some sort, authoring novels or writing screenplays, if it involves writing about the things I love, I’m game.

My passion lies with genre films but rest assured, for those of you without an interest in the super, scientific or fantastic, do not fret. I will not leave those without an interest left to dry. I plan on keeping up to date with as many films as possible and at the end of every year all of the Oscar nominated films will be covered in reviews as well as unique articles revolving around the ceremony itself.

My goal in creating this blog is to inform and entertain, I will try my damnedest to keep up to date with as many media outlets as possible in order to bring the latest and greatest in movie and television news. Per weekly basis I plan on having at least one new movie review, typically posted on a Saturday, but if I have the opportunity to catch another you can be sure that will be posted as well. Every weekday you can expect one of the most popular shows to be reviewed and any compelling news to be covered and critiqued by yours truly.

I try and hold myself to professional standards in terms of length and content, sometimes reviews will be posted a day or two later due to commitments outside of my site (paying bills is lame) but I do try to adhere to my self imposed deadlines as strictly as possible. I will also be writing opinion pieces now and again, just to share my thoughts on whatever piece of industry news I feel needs to be looked at that particular day. All articles will have my own personal flavor to them, which means that anything stated in the article will be MY (and my contributors) thoughts. I am not here to persuade anyone to think like me (or am I?), just to offer up my view of the situation and maybe help others make a decision or see things from a new perspective.

All reviews are based off of my scientifically proven 10 point scale. It has gone through rigorous testing and the results concluded that it is as objective as any other, but my opinion matters the most. The scale looks a little like this (or exactly like this):

TV – Less than 5 – Skip it, 6 – OK, 7 – Good, 8 – Great, 9 – Phenomenal, 10 – You owe it to yourself to watch this episode!

Film – below 5 = not worth seeing, 6 = OK, 7 = good, 8 = great, 9 = fantastic, 10 = next to perfect)

And with that the formalities are done with! My apologies for the boring stuff but it must be done.

Here’s to the future and good times!


PS. here are kittens to brighten your day 😀

*Background Image Courtesy of Disney





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